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-Time Marches On-
It's time to unplug from the mundane world and enter the realm of the Spirit.
Move Forward With Your Own Personal Reading With
Master Psychic Deserie.

      In this uncertain time, technology can be as much of an aid as it can be a hinderance in our path to understanding. Deserie can help you find a new path towards the unwaivering light of the Spirit. Whether you are interested in just taking a look an objective look at your state of being or opening the doorway to the future, Deserie can help guide you there.

Master Psychic Deserie specializes in:
  • Clairaudience,
  • Free Writing,
  • Crystals,
  • Tarot,
  • Znaki (Slavic Divination),
  • Palmistry,
  • the Ancient Art of Phrenology,
  • Tea Leaf Reading,
  • Crystal Ball Scrying,
  • and House Cleansings & Blessings.

    With so much tension in the world, we have reached the perfect time for Spiritual Renewal and an even greater the need for direction and guidance.

    Master Psychic Deserie has well over a quarter century
    experience with unusual psychic phenomena.
    She has offered direction and spiritual guidance
    to clients locally in the United States and
    from: Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom.
    Working in conjunction with
    Certified Reiki Master Dimitri
    to ensure clients are prepared for the age to come,

    Master Psychic Deserie

    Intuitive Psychic Readings;
    Aura Cleansings;
    House Blessings;
    and Chakra Balancing.

    And yes, for those of you who were wondering...
    Deserie is a proud Servant of the Most High God, she is and will always be a witch.