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Bridal Henna Package
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Special Pricing Now Until December 31st,2014
2 Full Hours - Only $349

Adorn your hands and feet with our lovely henna artwork. Our package includes our best henna artist for 2 solid hours of henna artistry for the Bride and family members, as time allows.

Our best Henna Artist, Deserie, can create henna designs to match details in your bridal jewelry or sari. She adorns the henna with sparkling rhinestones, skin safe glitter, & crystals to achieve a long lasting and sparkling design, lovely looking while the henna is drying and curing, so you are picture perfect right away. Deserie uses an all natural blend of henna, lemon juice, and essential oils to achieve a lovely dark stain while conditioning skin for softness.

Whether YOUR WEDDING is a lavish large event or a small gathering EVERY BRIDE DESERVES LOVELY MEHNDI

Add additional time at the rate of only $100 more per hour in full hour increments and adorn your honored guests, as well.

Add $100 more for WHITE HENNA using cosmetic grade ingredients

Add one of our Glitter Artists or 1 EXTRA HENNA ARTIST for only $120 for 2 Full Hours(a savings of $100), for a limited time only, and have lots of sparkly fun. With an entire book of designs party goers can pick from and a wide array of colors-each design can be customized for a ONE-OF-A-KIND Look perfect for modern traditional weddings!

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*NEW*Fancy Black Tie Henna Designs
*NEW*Sparkle Henna Party Pix
*NEW*Mardi Gras Sweet 16 Henna pix
*NEW*Matching Henna Pictures

Henna Assorted Pix
Henna Floral Pix
Henna Tribal Pix
Henna Elements
Henna Instructions 1
Henna Instructions 2

Designs Can Include:
-Traditional Paisley
-Arm Bands
and lots more!!!