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Rain Date Policy
All About Moon On The Water 5 Star Entertainers We understand that emergencies, like rain, can catch you by surprise.

That's why we have changed our rain date policy from being booked at the time your book your party, to allow you the option to add it in all the way up to the day before your party (Monday through Friday 9a-9p) with NEW signed contract and 100% cleared PayPal payment.

Reasons for rescheduling:
* Covid-19;
* Medical Emergencies;
* Weather;
* Scheduling conflicts;
and let's face it, stuff just happens.

Since Covid-19 society has become more aware of how important health is, so if your child has a fever, you feel unwell, or your relatives and guests are sick, it's alright to postpone the party and give time to recover. The state of NJ requires to quarantine for a full five days. If symptoms have disappeared, wear a mask for the next five days. This puts a damper on things like face painting, so reschedule your party for at least two weeks later so you can enjoy all the fun.

Q. What does it cost?
A. $150 to hold the date plus the cost of extras:
  • ordered perishables:
            food items (cup/cakes, lollipops...)
  • helium balloons and helium filled decorating options
  • dated items:
            custom candles
            goody bags
            bride and groom etched glasses
            dated name on rice creations
            dated gifts
            basically anything we put a date on and have to remake or change for your second party date.

    If you didn't order anything other than entertainment, it's only $150 to hold a second date for you.