Captain YumYum

Aargh, what do you mean your out of cake?!? Avast there, be ready for adventures with Captain YumYum:
*Pirate Themed Magic Show
*Party Games for lots of booty
*Sing Sea Shanties
*Face Painting
*Balloon Animals & Swordplay
*Arts & Crafts
*Temporary Tattoos
*Parachute Games
*Story Time
*Island Limbo
*Treasure Hunts
*and more...

Perfect for Young and Old Lads & Lasses':
*Birthday Parties
*Business Promotions
*Kid's Night
*and more!!!

Choose your favorite activities to create your own CUSTOM PARTY, or ask our experienced party coordinator to select actvities perfect for your partygoers.

Yup, of course Captain Yum Yum has traveled!!! He is fluent in : English, Italian, Polish and Russian.

* parliamo Italiano

* mowimy po Polsku

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