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-Frequently Asked Questions-

What days are entertainers available?
Our fabulous entertainers are available weekends(8a-12midnight) and weekday evenings(6p-9p) including most holidays, year round.

What types of activities do entertainers do?
We customize your party to make the play age appropriate and safe. While our entertainers each have their favorite activities, most are available for:
  • Face Painting,
  • Balloon Twisting / Animals / Decorating,
  • Face Painting,
  • Glitter Tattoos,
  • Henna Tattoos,
  • Painting Parties and Themed Arts & Crafts,
  • and so much more!!!
We select activities appropriate to age of partygoers and keeping with your party or event theme and performer preference. Our amazing Henna Artists & BLING Glitter Tattoo/Temporary Tattoo Artists on staff for: Sweet 16's, Quinceaneras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Bridal Showers, Weddings, Girl's/Ladies Night, Public Events, fundraisers, and more.

What types of packages do you have for balloon decorating?
Our Skilled Professional Balloon Decorators can customize a package just for you, including you favorite design elements: columns, arches, sculptures, centerpieces, swags, and balloon in balloon designs and using you favorite colors in natural latex and long lasting foil balloons. We create our balloons on site, ensuring maximum float time for helium work and have breakdown crews ready to clear after the party. We can suggest specialty balloons to suit your occasion and also do balloons for: Grand Openings, Company Parties, Kid's Night, Fundraising Events, and more and create NON HELIUM ARCHES and SCULPTURES LASTING UP TO 2 WEEKS to brighten up any venue or DRAW ATTENTION TO ANY VENDOR.
Call Deserie (732)593-7473 for complete details and pricing.

What if I want to add extra time?
We can customize a package just for you, or add time to any party package for an additional fee. Realized you want to keep the performer longer at the party??? Our performers are happy to stay longer(subject to availability) for $100 cash per hour, paid before the extra time starts(no checks, PayPal, or credit cards last minute-sorry).

How can I be sure to get my favorite entertainer?
Our entertainers are booked on a "first come first serve" basis. A Completed Contract and a 50% deposit(for regular priced parties, 100% deposit for promotional rate parties) will secure your special date, for party dates within 2 weeks of inquiry we hold performers with a 100% deposit and completed contract. As soon as we receive completed contract and funds, we send out an email confirmation letter, letting you know you are booked, as a courtesy. We also send out periodic reminders and helpful pre-party checklists.

What if I want to have a kids room and an adult room for my party?
That's fine and we have done teen rooms and kids room for Weddings and Corporate events. We require that at least one adult be present to supervise the children so we can concentrate on providing entertainment for them.

How can I remit payment?
We accept: Paypal(Visa, MasterCard,Paypal credit...) and Cash(two weeks prior to the party date). We allow our customers to leave a 50% deposit to hold their special date and expect payment in full at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event, 100% deposit upfront for promotional deals. Last minute party bookings are paid in full at time of booking via PayPal.

Help! I booked the venue and entertainers but now the venue requires liability insurance. What do I do?
That's fine. We can provide you with insurance for the price of the policy and whatever money transfer fees are associated with that through or you can purchase the policy on your own and save the money transfer fees. We don't get a discount, so either way is fine and policies usually run between $105 to $150 for parties. This allows you to have the venue name on the policy and we can get a copy to you quickly or you can purchase and print it out on your own.

How can I remit payment?
We accept: Paypal(Visa, MasterCard,Paypal credit...) and Cash(two weeks prior to the party date). We allow our customers to leave a 50% deposit to hold their special date and expect payment in full at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event, 100% deposit upfront for promotional deals. Last minute party bookings are paid in full at time of booking via PayPal.

What about tipping the performers?
Just like dining out, tipping lets the performer know he/she has done a great job and is customary at 15% or more. They work super hard for you. We also love to get positive feedback from our patrons: via e_mail, on our listed gig booking sites, and via "permission to use on website" party pictures.

What if I need to switch the date of the party or cancel?
While we do not offer refunds on booked party dates, we do offer rain date at $150 per date, which allows our customers to change the date of their special event in case of illness or emergency once for the selected, available, non-holiday weekend date within 90 days of the original party date. Basically we hold an alternate date/time for you with the rain date policy, so in the event that something goes awry(especially important for outdoor events) you know we have performers on standby for you for the time/date you need and you do not have to pay full price for the additional date, just the $150 nonrefundable fee. Not applicable to bookings on or unless added to the gig offer prior to booking. Reschedules/rain-date will be limited to the one selected time/date contracted for. As we hold both time/date slots for you and do not book other parties during that time/date slot, we do not offer refunds, or transfers on unused rain-dates.

What if I switch the theme of the party?
We have face painting, balloon twisting, glitter tattoo, henna tattoos to coordinate with most themes. If you have booked a painting party and are less than two weeks from the party date(the time when we ensure we have pre-printed canvases for younger painters), you can switch the canvas design for an additional $5/person payable immediately, so we are stocked for your alternate theme provided there is no balance due.

What if I want to have a few entertainers at my party?
We offer special DISCOUNT packages for multiple entertainer bookings. All of our entertainers work well together and, we usually suggest multiple entertainers to cover different age groups & developmental levels. You may wish to have one entertainer providing glitter tattoos for the duration of the party while another leads a Painting craft and another does balloon twisting, keeping your lines short and the children happy and engaged.

What costumes do performers wear???
Our skilled entertainers arrive at parties in neat jeans/short and staff shirt. Face painters and glitter tattoo artists usually wear tie-dye shirts. For the time being our clowns/pirates/princesses/fairies/costumed mascots are taking a little break but will return once the threat of Covid-19 is gone.

Our skilled entertainers tend to draw a crowd. Whether your business is an accounting firm or a restaurant you can draw in new clients. We offer ADVERTISING DEALS to help promote your event(s), including: flyers, links, and webpages. Try hosting "kids night" or "family night" weekly and we rotate performers for you giving your repeat customers fun and variety. We offer competitive rates, and HUGE savings-the longer you want our performers the more you'll save. Call (732)593-7473 for complete details.

What if I want to have multiple bookings for a business or fundraising activity?
We offer special DISCOUNT packages for multiple bookings. We offer 6 month and 1 year contracts for weekly and monthly bookings. You may wish to have a visit from Santa, the Easter Bunny, and a few of our entertainers for fund raiser or corporate events-schedule all of your events for the year at once and enjoy BIG SAVINGS. We even have Specials for repeat customers. As a mother of 5 adorable children, I offer terrific FAMILY DEALS so each child can have their own special day without straining your budget..

What other services do you offer?
We also offer "Special Delivery" Service. One of our costumed performers(your choice) will deliver a special bouquet of balloons, flowers, a bear or gift in balloon, or custom gift basket(we can even include a special Name On Rice pendant). Perfect for: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays, Graduations, Valentines, New Baby, Proposals, and much more. We coordinate colors and theme as requested. Delivery available in NJ, & Staten Island-other areas by request.

NEW for 2022*****What happens if I get Covid-19 and need to postpone the party/event?
In the extreme situation that you, the venue, or your imporant guests were to contract Covid-19 days before your party date, we would offer you opportunity to purchase rain date insurance later(normally added to a party at the time of booking) for the same low price of $150 giving you the opportunity to reschedule your party/event for any non-holiday weekend date/time that we have your booked entertainers available. We are thrilled to be back working post-Covid and all our entertainers have been vaccinated, but we do understand that when you are sick, you need to rest and focus on getting well. We can take care of adding rain-date insurance the same day you know your party needs to be postponed, with an invoice for Paypal and a revised emailed contract. We do not require proof of your illness like an employer would. Your word is good enough. We ask that you reschedule for 2 or 3 weeks or later, so you have time to recover and get in the party mood.

Email us with questions or to hold your date