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Parties for all Occasions

Click on Your Favorite Theme for Fun Ideas & Activities

-Arts & Crafts Parties(year round fun for all skill levels),
-Astronomy & Space Exploration Parties Fun and Educational
-Creepy Bugs and Insect Parties(from Butterfly to Walking Stick),
-Chef/Cake Decorating Parties(make your own edible creations),
-Character Parties(a variety of popular characters),
-Circus Carnival Parties(bring a little order to your indoor circus),
-Detective Parties(can you solve the mystery),
-Dinosaur Parties(we even set up dinosaur digs),
-Dress-Up Parties(fun, fun , fun),
-Fairy Parties(you never know when you'll see one),
-Fancy Tea Parties(bring your own teddy bear),
-Holiday Parties(throughout the year),
-Jewelry Making Parties(make and wear genuine gemstone jewelry),
-Magical Parties(perfect for young Wizards and magicians),
-Paper Airplane Parties(create and fly your own paper airplane),
-Ninja Parties(these parties just sorta sneak up on you),
-Military Themed Parties(wear your cool camou),
-Monster Themed Parties(spooky fun and play perfect for Halloween or anytime),
-Pirate Parties(for both boys and girls),
-Princess/Knight Parties,-enjoy medieval style fun!!!
-Psychic Parties(what's in your future?),
-Scrapbooking Parties(bring your favorite photos),
-Spa Themed Parties Perfect for Pre-Teens,
-Make Your Own Superhero Parties(perfect for all ages),
-Wild & Wacky Hairstyling Parties(gotta get out those cameras Moms and Dads),
-Emo, Goth, & Vampire Parties-give them a party to write in their diaries about, complete with true handmade personalized "vampire blood" necklaces
-and many more.

Perfect for: Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Fund Raisers, Family Reunions, Restaurant Kid's Night... Book your party now!!!
We customize our play to your party guests-all of our parties can be informative and educational, for: schools, daycares, or inquisitive young minds!!!
Goody Bags, Personalized Gifts, and Party Supplies are also available .