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Psychic Party Package
2 Solid Hours of Entertainment - Only $750
Add one of our trained assistants to keep the party hopping while your guests wait their turn with Deserie for only a small additional charge.

Our Incredible Master Psychic Deserie will delight your guests with:
-Tarot Card Reading,
-Znaki(Slavic Runes),
-Tea Leave Reading,
-Phrenology(reading from the natural bumps on your noggin),
-Her Own Unique Method of Gem Reading,
-Candlewax Reading,
-or ESP Games and EZ Tutorials
(perfect for all ages of partygoers)

Deserie has over 2 decades of experience as a Psychic Reader. Clients have traveled from across the United States and as far away as Germany and the UK to visit with her for her Unique Gem Stone Readings. Readings with Deserie are fun, safe, and 100% confidential(law permitting).

We accept bookings for:
*Bridal Showers,
*Birthday Parties,
*Haunted Houses/Halloween Parties,
*Business Promotions,
*Kids Night,
*and More!!!

Host your special event in your favorite place and we'll come to you. Additional transportation costs may apply outside Middlesex, & Union County NJ. Contact Us for full details. 1 hour, 3 hour, and FULL DAY-6 hour packages are also available(perfect for fund raising booths, BUSINESS PROMOTIONS, and family reunions)

Add Goody Bags or Name on Rice Creations
for the perfect memento!!!
Get treats for all your guests Goody Bags
We create special treats for your party goers from custom goody bags to name on rice jewelry. See our Goody Bags and Name on Rice Pages or contact us for complete details.
Tutorial Topics:
-Intro to "Reading" Seminar
-ESP & Intuition
-Intro to Znaki Workshop
-Intermediate Znaki Workshop
-Advanced Znaki Workshop
-Znaki for Professionals
-Tarot for Beginners
-Intermediate Tarot
-Advanced Tarot
-Gemstones for Beginners
-Gemstones 2
-Gemstones 3
-Healing With Gemstones
-"Reading" With Gemstones
-Creating Harmony at Home With Gemstones
-A Psychic for All Seasons:
Embracing Cultural Magic
-Lunar Magic
-Candle Magic
-and more